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Hyoungjoon Kim, DPT  [Derek]

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Effective Therapeutic Equipments in BIM Physical Therapy


Spinal Decompression

Class IV Cold Laser

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About Us

Balance in Motion Physical Therapy is outpatient orthopedic and sports medicine rehabilitation clinic committed to providing the highest quality physical therapy care for our patients.

We thoroughly evaluate & treat all of the contributing root factors related to your issue.

We treat patients with a combined approach of conventional physical therapy and holistic manual therapy drawn from the osteopathic philosophy.

We specialize in hands-on treatment to heal acute sports, orthopedic injury, chronic myofascial pain syndromes, and faulty postures.

Our practice is dedicated to providing comprehensive care to patients of all conditions.

If you are looking for SPECIAL PT advice because you were not satisfied with previous approaches continuously letting you down,

and you don’t like just resting and taking pain meds option that makes you weak and inactive, our private PT Program must be SPECIAL option for you!

We focus on 'Holistic Manual Therapy' with cutting edge new tech 'Laser Therapy', and Eastern Medicine 'Acupuncture' to keep you STRONG and ACTIVE!!

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Meet the Team

Derek H. Kim

Derek H. Kim


He uses combined approach of conventional physical therapy and holistic manual therapies drawn from the osteopathic philosophy.

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Archie Bronola

Archie Bronola


her clinical specialty includes manual therapy approach with general orthopedics, post-surgical rehabilitation, sports injuries, and more.

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David Kim

David Kim






No matter whether your condition was caused by a sport, work accident or otherwise, we welcome the chance to serve you.

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Accepted Insurances

We understand insurance can be confusing, we try to make the process as seamless as possible.

Balance in Motion works with most major medical insurance plans as out-of-network providers.

Prior to your initial visit, we call your insurance company and verify your benefits so that we can inform you of your specific benefits.


  • Aetna (Out of network)
  • Cigna (Out of network)
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield (Out of network)
  • Oxford Freedom PPO (Out of network)
  • United Healthcare (Out of network)
  • Student Insurance (CHP)
  • Medicare (In-network)
  • Fidelis (In-network)
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield Healthplus (In-network)