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Spread Your Toes

 Designed by Dr. Ray McClanahan, DPM, Correct Toes help the foot rehabilitate from the negative effects of conventionally shaped footwear. The device, made of soft, flexible silicone, encourages the toes back into their natural alignment found at birth. With progressive and consistent use while active and weight bearing, toes align and feet strengthen, restoring your foot’s original position and function.


Why Spread Your Toes?

You Were Born with Perfect Feet


Babies’ feet are designed to provide balance and stability. With a broad sole and splayed toes, feet form our foundation.

In our society, foot shape and function change as we age. As feet are exposed to conventional footwear, toes compress and curl. Rigid footwear and arch support diminish muscle activation and toe range of motion, causing weakness and atrophy in the foot. With the long-term use of restrictive footwear, our once dexterous and mobile toes lose their ability to move independently.

In cultures around the world who remain barefoot or minimally shod, toes maintain natural shape and splay, and foot and toe strength and dexterity is preserved through adulthood and into old age. Compare with your foot shape. - See more at:



Correct Toes Benefits

Align toes and improve balance and stability.

Similar to braces impacting the alignment of teeth, Correct Toes slowly and progressively change foot architecture.

Structural changes create a wider base of support, improving balance, proprioception, gait and posture.


Strengthen muscles throughout the foot and lower leg.

Accompanied by naturally-shaped footwear, Correct Toes encourage the foot to move, flex and bend. As muscles strengthen, the foot is able to support itself, eliminating the need for artificial arch support and orthotics.

Restore foot function and relieve foot pain.

Correct Toes is a foot health tool that can be used to restore normal and natural foot and toe function. Foot pain and problems can be resolved when the toes are realigned in the way that nature intended.

Why do Correct Toes work?

Correct Toes help splay the toes in the way that nature intended. Why is this important? We spend a lifetime in footwear, including most athletic footwear, that is too narrow at the ends of the toes. As a result, the shod adult foot shape differs from the unshod adult foot shape (and from the foot shape of infants, who are born with perfect feet).

Correct Toes work in a similar way to how braces work for teeth. Correct Toes place the toes into optimal alignment and slowly and progressively change the architecture of the foot. The muscles of the foot adapt and strengthen accordingly. Toe alignment and foot strength has numerous positive effects on biomechanics, gait and injury prevention.

With Correct Toes, you can:

  • Relieve foot pain while being active

  • Align toes back to their natural, anatomical position

  • Improve strength and flexibility of the toes and feet

  • Increase circulation to the ends of the toes

  • Enhance balance and stability



Try it on first and consult with professionals.


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