According to the American running injury report, running accounts for over 1 million injuries annually.

Through the course of one's running career, most of the runners are likely to sustain at least one running-related injury.

Running injuries commonly occur due to poor foot biomechanics (example: Flat feet or Hallux valgus),

wearing improper shoes, repetitive nature of heel strike running and the related compressive joint loads sustained while heel strike running.


The following is the 5 Most Troublesome Running Injuries

1. Plantar fasciitis

2. Achilles tendinitis

3. IT band syndrome

4. Runner's knee (Patellofemoral pain syndrome)

5. Shin splint

We consult with these conditions. Restoring proper muscular balance and

ideal running mechanics will reduce the risk of injury and lengthen your running career.


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Role of Physical Therapy

Whether a runner's goal is to improve his or her time, increase speed or stay fit, it's essential to maintain correct form to prevent injury.

Physical therapists can advise runners on proper form, training methods, strategies for preventing injuries, and proper shoe selection and work with them to develop a plan, tailored to their specific needs, for successful running.

Physical therapists can also evaluate, diagnose and treat runners who have sustained a running-related injury.

Learn more through The Physical Therapist's Guide to Healthy Running, and via the resources below.

Additional Information

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(Information provided by Americal Physical Therapist Association)

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